Quadric is an international management consultancy specialized in helping companies build strategic differentiation.

Quadric’s core purpose is to address the unique needs of companies facing significant change brought about by, for example, new management, new strategy, new ownership or M&A. Quadric helps management renew belief in their company’s future and increase their company’s influence across their value chains. In addition to executing their strategy, Quadric’s clients build strategic differentiation that boosts effectiveness of everything from cost-cutting to marketing and sales force motivation.

Quadric works on a global level for all its clients. Some of Quadrics current clients are Bayer CropScience (DE), Caridian BCT (USA), Damco (DK – formerly Maersk Logistics), International Copper Association (USA) and Mars (USA)

Ilena will be Quadric’s strategic partner in Finland and part of their new business development projects.