About Ilena

Ilena focuses on helping its partners to identify new customers, to find new sales leads, to close new
business deals and to revitalize current business accounts.

Ilena provides your company with an outsource “sales team” that offers you the chance to benefit
from a broad database of companies and business executives as well as over ten years of
experience in sales.

Even though finding new business is essential for companies if they want to grow and build their
business, it is often neglected because of the day-by-day mandatory tasks.

As llena’s client you will save time on the lengthy procedure of creating promising sales leads.
Telemarketing, arranging appointments and making the first sales pitch is often a burden and
a time consuming task. Ilena lets you concentrate on your own core business without neglecting
important sales.

Ilena’s mission is to increase your business opportunities by increasing the visibility and positioning
of your brand in the marketplace and creating better brand awareness among potential customers.

Ilena is a risk free choice – you only pay for results

Ilena is a personal choice – you know who speaks for your brand

Ilena is a trustworthy choice – your reputation is our reputation